General Information

Do you deliver?

Not yet unfortunately, soz.

Do you do any vegan or gluten-free options?

We LOVE butter (and gluten), so don’t currently offer any vegan or GF items, but recipe testing is always taking place to try and create products which are just as delicious as the products currently on offer but suitable for those with special dietary requirements.

Where do you trade?

Please see the Locations page.

So just weekends? You’re telling me that when I’m in London next Tuesday there’s NOWHERE I can buy your products?

Life is cruel. One day we’ll be open seven days a week but we ain’t there yet. Be patient, pie lover.

Can I have you at my wedding/birthday party/corporate event?

Aw shucks, thanks for asking! Get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ page and let’s make some sweet memories.

Are you going to do any more Dessert Supper Clubs?

Glad you asked! One is planned for spring, date TBC soon.

And pie classes?

Definitely plan to do more but right now we’re focusing on other areas of the business.

Why is the whole team so sexy?

We can’t help it.